Understanding and Managing Anger in Children

Mon 8th Oct. 2018 | 19:30 - 21:00
The Maltings Theatre, St. Albans AL1 3HL

Anger and assertiveness can be a healthy reaction and normal bid for independence and self protection. But when it becomes excessive, it harms those around the individual and themselves, since it may indicate poor ability to regulate emotions and unhappiness. Signs can range from arguments and tantrums, to excessive refusal to carry out everyday tasks, shouting, verbal and physical aggression, and a tendency to blame everybody else. This talk will cover the roots of difficult behaviour and share the considerable recent advances in understanding how best to manage it in a very practical way. This is mainly via what the triggers are and then having a calm plan in place to overcome them; also the underlying positive aspects of the parent-child relationship may need attention to promote secure attachment. All approaches to be described are useful with all children to help their self-confidence and security, and indeed academic attainments.

Who is the talk for?

The approach described is relevant for all children, not just those who are excessively angry or cross; whilst the talk will primarily be for parents of children aged 2 to 10, similar approaches apply with teenagers.

Parents will get:

  • an understanding of what triggers anger, and then what makes it more likely to happen again
  • how to improve the relationship with the child, so that angry outbursts are less likely
  • how to cope calmly with child anger and not get sucked into angry cycles
  • practical moment to moment advice on how to deal with the child, both when being disruptive and the rest of the time
  • ways to promote resilience and self-confidence, both socially and with school work

About the Speaker

Professor Stephen Scott CBE is Professor of Child Health and Behaviour at The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience Kings College London. He is Director of The National Academy for Parenting Research, and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who works with families of children who can be difficult. He has carried out a number of trials to discover what works best with both younger children and adolescents to improve their anger and mood. He is the author of the bestselling textbook “Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” with Professor Robert Goodman. He is about to launch an online program to help parents.