Primary School Maths – the Basics for Parents

Mon 26th Mar. 2018 | 19:30 - 21:15
CHANGE OF VENUE: Fleetville Infants and Nursery School, Woodstock Rd South Entrance, AL1 4QJ

Many parents are keen to understand how maths is taught today, as it has changed considerably since they were at school. We often hear how even the language used in schools nowadays, such as ‘number bonds’, ‘partitioning’ and ‘number lines’, makes supporting their child at home challenging. This workshop will give parents a detailed overview of the most important calculation concepts in primary school maths learning today (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including the times tables).

This workshop will explore what children need to know to succeed in calculations in maths and what are the precise methods to enable us to do that

Please note – a separate workshop will be offered for more advanced maths concepts (place value, fractions etc) that are usually taught in years 5 and 6.

Who is this event for?

Any parent or carer of a child in primary school today who would like to learn the core skills that underpin the teaching of maths calculations today. It is ideally suited for parents of children from reception to year 4.

What parents will gain from the event

  • Understand better how maths calculation is taught in primary schools today.
  • Learn the meaning of common terms used in the teaching of maths.
  • Learn about the basics of particular areas in maths: Calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including times tables). Find ways to improve your child’s understanding and increase their enjoyment of maths.
  • Increase your own confidence in helping your child with maths.

About our speaker

Nick Yeldham is a Primary class teacher with experience of teaching in Key Stage 1 and 2 in Maths and literacy at a Harpenden school. He has leadership experience in Humanities, Science and Maths. Nick has worked on research projects for the NCETM (National Centre of Excellence for the Teaching of Mathematics), Cambridge University and NRich. Nick has also been involved in a campaign run by the TDA (Teaching Development Agency) which is trying to bring more male teachers into primary education. Nick has been teaching for over 10 years and previously worked as a manager for a media rights organization in central London.