Getting Ready for Big School: top tips for Independence

Mon 8th Jul. 2019 | 7.00 pm - 8:30 pm
Camp Primary and Nursery School, AL1 5PG

Do you have to chase your child around the room to brush their teeth?

Do you run after your child with a spoon overflowing with food pretending to be an aeroplane?

Does your little one waddle around the room in circles, pulling the funniest of faces tugging at their nappy or pants, whilst getting further away from the bathroom?

Do you imagine still dressing your child when they are a teenager?

Do you dread the morning routine of getting out of the house in one piece and then head to work looking like the professional person that you are?

Do you worry how you child will cope with independent tasks when they start Reception?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is the event for you!

Children are natural learners and players. However like most adults, children often prefer to do activities that they like and are good at. Sometimes this means that they are slower to develop the necessary skills in one, or more, developmental areas. Some children need more direction, encouragement and reward for participating and improving in the areas that they struggle with.

As your child approaches school age, you may be starting to feel conscious of how much you still do for them, and worried about how they will cope in BIG SCHOOL without you.   Rest assured that all schools expect their new Reception children to need help and support in many areas, and your child will not be left to fend for themselves. But, there’s lots you can do at home to prepare you both!

Run by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, this fun and interactive workshop will give you lots of ideas and tips to help your child gain confidence and independence.

Who is this event for?

Parents and carers of pre-school children due to start Reception in Sept 2019.

What you will gain from this event?

• Learn how to promote independence and teach new skills to your child in a fun, practical, and interactive way.

• Identify strategies to help you, and your child, learn these new skills.

• Discuss how to apply these practical strategies at home in a fun and effective way.

About our speaker:

Amanda Martell is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who qualified from Brunel University in 2006. Having completed post graduate training in School Assessment of Motor & Process Skills (SAMPS and CO-OP (Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance) her interests lie with working with educators / Special Educational Needs and parents and caregivers. Since graduating Amanda has gained a wealth of experience in all areas of occupational therapy, both within the NHS and privately. She is currently providing a service as a consultant paediatric occupational therapist for a London local authority in the Early Years Inclusion Team, offering the universal level of support to nurseries in the borough.