Critical Thinking – Doing the Basics at Home

Mon 14th May. 2018 | 19.30-21.15
Fleetville Infants and Nursery School (Main Hall), Woodstock Rd South Entrance, AL1 4QJ

Imaginative, innovate thinkers are sought after in every realm of modern life and the ability to think critically is highly valued. Just ask anyone teaching or employing young people today!

Author, educator and CEO of the Philosophy Foundation UK, Peter Worley, believes that ‘questioning’ is not only at the heart of good philosophy and teaching, but also at the heart of good parenting.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for parents of children of all ages because even if it’s not all relevant today, it will be tomorrow!

What will parents get from this workshop

In this workshop Peter will talk to parents about what critical thinking is (and – perhaps, more importantly – what it’s NOT but is sometimes thought to be!). Peter will be making a case for why critical thinking is needed for our children in this world of ‘soundbites’, ‘fake news’, ‘alt facts’, ‘post-truth’ and ‘fact checking’. He will also provide you with a few basic principles and practical strategies that you can use to help encourage critical thinking in your children without frightening them off or boring them!

– A clearer understanding of Critical Thinking

– Practical strategies and basic principles to encourage Critical Thinking in your children (and yourselves!)

– Resources to find out more

– An opportunity to try out some Critical Thinking

– A rationale for why use Critical Thinking

About our speaker

Peter is co-founder and co-CEO of multi-award winning charity The Philosophy Foundation, President of SOPHIA, and a Visiting Research Associate at King’s College London. He has written and edited 7 books on doing philosophy in schools. His best-selling first book The If Machine was made into a BAFTA nominated short series for the BBC, his subsequent books with Bloomsbury have all been nominated for the Education Resources Award and The Philosophy Foundation series of books with Crown House have also been nominated, and won Educational Book of the Year (The Philosophy Shop). ‘Thoughtings’, a collection of poetry for thinking, won Best Primary Resource.

Peter has worked with children in education since 1993 and continues to teach philosophy every week in the classroom. His new model for questioning, ‘Open Question Mindset’, has been published in the Journal of Philosophy in Schools and was a front-page feature in the TES. His next book, ‘Questioning for the Primary Classroom’, will be published as part of Bloomsbury’s ‘100 Ideas’ Series.