How to Boost Your Child’s Emotional Resilience – Full Course 6 sessions

Mon 19th Feb. 2018 | 19.00-21.00
St Paul's Church, Hatfield Road, St Albans, AL1 4JP

This six week course will run on Monday Evenings from 7-9.30pm on the following dates: Feb 19th, Feb 26th, March 5th, March 12th, March 26th and April 16th 2018.

All parents want their children to be happy and able to cope with whatever life throws at them. However it isn’t that easy. According to the Millennium Cohort Study parents report that one in ten (10.3%) of 11-year-olds has difficulty managing their emotions and dealing with problems with peers and managing their conduct. It’s not a great picture, and parents can feel helpless. Raising a Resilient Child is specifically for parents to help them develop their own resilience whilst also thinking about how to best develop their child’s resilience.

Who is this for?

The topics covered are particularly suitable for parents of children who are old enough to ‘think about their thinking’ – say yr 5 upwards. However it’s also relevant for any parents who want to increase their own resilience.

What parents will get from attending this workshop

Raising a Resilient Child provides practical, solution focused approaches to understand the key factors that can have an impact on resilience and some of the myths that parents and children may have about what it means to be resilient. The emphasis is on personal resilience, but in the context of parenting and raising resilient children. As parents explore and develop their own resilience they develop a deeper understanding of the impact they have on those around them. They consider the most effective ways of enabling their children to develop resilience so they can overcome setbacks and make the most of opportunities. The workshop aims to help parents:

• Be better prepared for change – its part of everyday.

• Show that it is ok to talk about resilience, stress and setbacks with children.

• Develop a full range of practical skills and strategies that promote personal resilience.

• Understand how best to parent to my strengths.

The course will be limited to 20 places and will come on a first com first served basis. Each week parents will spend 2 hours with the How to Thrive Trainers discussing the following topics:

Week 1 – Resilient Parenting

Week 2 – Resilient Thinking

Week 3 – Thinking Differently

Week 4 – Resilient Relationships

Week 5 – Mindsets and Energy

Week 6 – Parenting to your Strengths

About our Tainer:

Fiona Tryon has 10 years experience of working with students and parents in a variety of settings including a youth counseling agency¨ a GP’s surgery¨ a large secondary school and now in private practice. She looks forward to welcoming you to the course.

How to Thrive is a national charity that specialises in practical resilience training. The team have deep experience of how to build and develop resilience from a psychological and practical perspective.