Anxiety in Children and Teens

Thu 2nd Nov. 2017 | 19.30-21.15
The Maltings Theatre, Level 2, The Maltings, St Albans AL1 3HL

Anxiety is a normal part of growing up but some children experience ongoing difficulties with anxiety that not only affect their day-to-day lives, but can have a long term negative impact on their social and emotional development. Anxiety is not always easy to identify and it can be expressed in many different ways. Research has shown that children susceptible to anxiety often have a tendency to think and behave in ways that maintain their difficulties. Dr Shafran will share psychological treatments to focus on altering these unhelpful patterns and have been proven to be effective. Many of the strategies used by clinicians can be adapted and incorporated into daily family life, with parents taking a lead to help their child overcome their difficulties. In this talk, we will provide information to help parents distinguish between developmentally appropriate anxiety and levels which may benefit from more targeted intervention. We will also share early risk factors which may contribute to later development of anxiety and provide an overview of practical strategies which parents can employ at home to support their children.

Who is this event for?

This talk is suitable for parents of children of all ages, particularly 7-18 years. Most of the strategies our speaker talks about will come from a clinical point of view (i.e. doing therapy).

What parents will gain from the event

An overview of recent research relating to the development and treatment of childhood and teen anxiety.

Insight into the various ways that anxiety might manifest in children and teens.

Practical tips for how best to respond to an anxious child and help them overcome their difficulties.

An awareness of the resources available to support parents of anxious children and teens.

About our speaker

Roz Shafran, PhD, is Professor of Translational Psychology at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and a Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Shafran’s clinical research interests include cognitive-behavioural theories of and treatments for anxiety disorders, eating disorders, obsessive–compulsive disorder, and perfectionism across the age range. She is a recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology from the British Psychological Society and the ‘Making a Difference’ award from Positive Practice. With more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Dr. Shafran is editor of ‘The Complete CBT Guide To Anxiety’ and mother of three children.