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Learning How We Learn: A Parent’s Guide to Metacognition Talk

0-5 yearsTalk
Thu 20th Sep. 2018 | 19.30-21.15
The Maltings Theatre, Level 2, The Maltings, St Albans AL1 3HL

Metacognition is a big word with a simple meaning – learning to learn. It is a term that is becoming increasingly popular in education and, since the Education Endowment Foundation highlighted metacognition as one of […]

Raising Confident Children and Tackling Their Fears Talk

0-5 yearsTalk
Mon 1st Oct. 2018 | 19.30-21.15
The Maltings Theatre, Level 2, The Maltings, St Albans AL1 3HL

Anxiety is a normal part of growing up but some children experience ongoing difficulties with anxiety that not only affect their day-to-day lives, but can have a long term negative impact on their social and emotional development. Anxiety is not always easy to identify and it can be expressed in many different ways.

Understanding and Managing Anger in Children Talk

0-5 yearsTalk
Mon 8th Oct. 2018 | 19:30 - 21:00
The Maltings Theatre, St. Albans AL1 3HL

Anger and assertiveness can be a healthy reaction and normal bid for independence and self protection. But when it becomes excessive, it harms those around the individual and themselves, since it may indicate poor ability […]

Primary School Maths – the Basics for Parents Workshop

0-5 yearsWorkshop
Mon 22nd Oct. 2018 | 7:30 - 9:15pm
Fleetville Infants and Nursery School, Woodstock Rd South Entrance, AL1 4QJ

Many parents are keen to understand how maths is taught today, as it has changed considerably since they were at school. We often hear how even the language used in schools nowadays, such as ‘number […]