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Primary School Maths – a Guide for Parents Workshop

0-5 years Workshop
Mon 15th Jan. 2018 | 19:30 - 21:15
Garden Room 2, St Paul's Church, Blandford Road, St Albans

Many parents are keen to understand how maths is taught today, as it has changed considerably since they were at school. We often hear how even the language used in schools nowadays, such as ‘number […]

Phonics for Reading Workshop

0-5 years Workshop
Mon 22nd Jan. 2018 | 19.30-21.00
St Paul's Church, St Albans Al1 4JP

Phonics is frequently is a source of confusion to parents. Phonics is the system being used in most schools today and is the cornerstone of learning to read in the National Curriculum. Phonics allows children […]

Understanding Eating Disorders in Children and Teens Talk

0-5 years Talk
Thu 1st Feb. 2018 | 19.30-21.15
The Maltings Theatre, St. Albans AL1 3HL

  Eating Disorders often appear in the media and have touched many personally. At one extreme they are trivialised as vanity or a lifestyle choice, and at the other cause alarm due to high profile […]

Understanding and Managing Anger in Children Talk

0-5 years Talk
Thu 1st Mar. 2018 | 19:30 - 21:15
The Maltings Theatre, St. Albans AL1 3HL

Anger and assertiveness can be a healthy reaction and normal bid for independence and self protection. But when it becomes excessive, it harms those around the individual and themselves, since it may indicate poor ability […]